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Program Fundamentals

Meetings are held on premises ~ Welcoming All.

Monday Night 7:30pm

Friday Night 7:30pm

Sunday Night 7pm - Residents Only - Group Conscious



SPIRIT Center is the transitional placement for those seeking tranquility in the recovery environment during new beginnings. While getting back into the realm of accountable and trustworthy actions within recovery. We serve as a safe sanction to begin establishing quality well-being in your life of sound sobriety in a unified purpose with others on the same journey.

First is the interview, second is understanding the etiquette guidelines and privileges upon residency. Our residents here are growing together and welcome each new resident whole-heartedly. Our group interview allows you to interview us as well as our initial interview to understand if you are a fit for this type of transitional recovery community.

We are mindful as a unified refuge of recovery transitional group. Working as an accountable community in action. Learning, understanding and growing in an honest and renewed way of life.

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This establishment exists to Serve the Recovery Community By Evaluating Our Daily Lives. We Serve by Evidence-Based 24/7 Recovery Mentoring.

Seasoned simplicity of the highest standards of recovery with 'value of purpose' has been established as our foundation of transition. We hold true to this value of purpose within the members group conscious preferences. Unity, Service, and Recovery.

The vision into action that the Spirit Center sober living community has resulted in, advances from the deeply spiritual to the sublime every day. The spiritual principles in which embracing recovery individually evolves into overwhelming appreciation in the privileges of the life worth living. A heightened sense of personal and community participation values travels from the home to the workplace and beyond.

Community Living: Honoring Fairness and Unified Dependability In Action



"When I first started to drink and use drugs it made it easier to connect with other people. I was a child experiencing existence with other naive friends. At the end of my addiction I was using drugs and alcohol to connect with myself and found despair. I had found my broken spirit - I surrendered to recover. SPIRIT Center Mentoring program has guided me into recognizing emotional balance resulting in 'working within' cultivating a sound recovery journey. I'm Happy, Joy-Filled and Free to live Recovery!" ~ Anonymous Alumni

We promote experiencing many diverse groups of recovery that are within walking distance (4th paragraph). We encourage developing collective solutions in all areas of wellness. There is not 'one way' to a valued recovery experience. SPIRIT Center progresses by consistent evaluation, establishing the organic recovery approach.

"Experience is Priceless"

Phone: (815) 861-5448